Welcome to ACIDMAN's online store.

Created by Miro Calderon, everything here is a result of years of creating and designing with passion.

Primarily a motion graphics designer, he is also an illustrator, musician, photographer, and now also a tattoo artist. Things are all over the place, because one medium is not enough.


The MoonCats featured in the store are part of the NFT collection of the artist Acidman. This project's goal is to bring cats of all patterns, across all hues, to the spotlight. All cats, are good cats, and we love the cats! *MoonCatPop discounts are currently discontinued until further development.

The artist is also an active member of the MoonCatCommunity Discord, which is also the best place to reach out for questions and concerns. A private Discord channel is still in the works.

The SpokesCat for the Funky Fruit Fizz is MoonCat #18074. The rest of the FFF Family are #2582, #16064, #19773, #20008, #11121, #16588, #6148, and #25008.